The Future of Work

Insights and solutions for schools to prepare students for a global workforce.

26 October

3.00 PM - 4.30 PM

The job market is changing Are our learners ready?

Why This Is So Important

The work landscape is changing rapidly. A recent CNN article headline read “CEO replaced 90% of support staff with an AI chatbot.” Are South African learners & educators ready to face this new landscape, infused by AI and do they have the practical tools to do so?

Join us as world-renowned AI expert, TEDx speaker & ex-Google employee Jared Molko helps us navigate this wave of change alongside hand-selected experts and school speakers while Simon Robinson discusses how the integration of 4IR is translated into the school curriculum. All free of charge to our beloved South African educators.

By attending this webinar, you will gain insight into how we can prepare our learners for the future of work.

We're Diving Into:

Career Guidance

Prepare your learners with the necessary skills they need to stand out in a modern workforce that will be dominated by AI.

4IR Skills

Explore the vital skills required by this generation of school leavers, for success in the future workplace, focusing on Coding and Robotics, as well as the crucial soft skills acquired through STEAM education and their practical applications in the real world.

Tools Built for the Classroom

Schools and industry experts will present the real tools and the application thereof you can use in your classroom to prepare your learners for the evolving future of work.


Jared Molko, Yenza | The necessary skills our learners need to stand out in the modern workforce

Jared will give you insights into these skills and how you can immediately start developing them in your classrooms. He will also live demo a platform built for schools to support their learners in developing their careers.

Wellness Coach, Sandown Generation Schools | One of the tools I use to prepare my learners for life after school

Bronwen will share the tool she uses at a Generation school to help prepare her learners for life after school. Get insights into a tool you could use in your school.

Simon and Grethe Robinson, Inspire Africa | Vital skills this generation of school leavers need

Simon and Grethe will delve into the integration of curriculum that incorporates Coding, Robotics, and other 4IR tools, emphasising their real-world applications and the skills they cultivate. Additionally, they will showcase case studies demonstrating how schools are currently implementing this approach within their curricula.

Wihan and Janine, Rustenburg Girls' High | Rustenburg Girls' Journey of Preparing their Learners for a Future of Work

Janine and Wihan will give you a first hand glance of how they are preparing their learners for the fast changing world of work. They will share the tools they use, their wins and their biggest learnings.

Meet the Experts

Jared Molko

Co-Founder & CEO | Yenza
Ex-Google, TEDx speaker and now Co-Founder of Yenza (a career pathing and employability app), Jared is a passionate technologist, psychologist and educator, looking to leave the world in a better place than he found it.

Bronwen De Waal

Wellness Coach | Sandown Generation Schools
Generation Schools moved away from the traditional role of 'School counsellor" and introduced the role of a School Wellness Coach. Bronwen is the Wellness Coach at their Sandown school where she works alongside the educators to identify areas that individuals and classrooms might benefit from. She focuses on “wellness, denoting vitality, balance and general well-being of both learners and educators.

Simon Robinson

Founder & CEO | Inspire Africa
A seasoned visionary and expert in the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), Simon has leveraged his extensive experience in the commercial drone industry to transform the educational landscape. Through Inspire Africa, he is spearheading the widespread implementation of 4IR technology programmes across the continent.

Grethe Robinson

Curriculum Manager at Inspire Africa
Grethe is a learning technologist, LMS manager, collaborator, innovator, and Inquiry-Based Learning enthusiast, I lead a team of Subject Matter Experts as the Curriculum Manager at Inspire Africa.

Wihan Neethling

Head of Innovation | Rustenburg Girls'​ High
Wihan is an EdTech and Innovation Specialist who currently heads up Innovation at Rustenburg Girls’ High. He was responsible for the digital transformation journey at Rustenburg.

Janine Myers

IT Specialist | Rustenburg Girls'​ High
Janine is a skilled and accomplished ICT educator with extensive expertise in computer applications, ICDL training, Google apps, end user computing and team leadership. .

Moderated By

Ashleig Viljoen

General Manager - Schoolscape

Jared Molko

Co-Founder & CEO - Yenza

Peter Morgan

CEO - Schoolscape

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