The Future Worker Webinar Series

Supporting schools

to prepare learners for life after school

25 & 26 Oct at 15h00 - 16h45

WHAT Happened

Heads, Deputies, HODs, Life Orientation Teachers and Educational Psychologists from schools contrywide joined us for these two short, sharp webinars to support them as they prepare their learners for life after school. Expert speakers covered a multitude of relevant topics, tools and solutions to aid schools in producing globally-ready, locally relevant, well-rounded youth ready for the world of work.

Tues’ 1h45min session focused on preparing learners to have the skills to be globally relevant. It covered making informed career decisions, what the future of work looks like, non-traditional career options and non-traditional study options.

For the first time: Wed’s 1h45min session focused on safeguarding our learners to be well-rounded and emotionally healthy workers. Industry leaders and school leaders presented what they are doing now in schools and reveal solutions to support your school.

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Schoolscape has partnered with industry experts, Yenza, to put this webinar series together. Yenza is a leading career pathing and employability platform, taking an innovative, 21st-century approach to guiding and developing learners to make the right choices and to be prepared to succeed in the modern world of work.

topics discussed

Career Guidance - White

Career Guidance

Next-Gen Skills Development - White

Next-Gen Skills Development

Learners’ Mental Well-Being - White

Learners’ Mental Well-Being

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Meet the Experts

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Brett StClair (UK)

AI Entrepreneur

Topic of Talk: The NB Skills Our Learners Need To Be Future Workers

Brett is a UK-based AI Entrepreneur, Ex-Google and Barclays exec that is an International Speaker and PodCaster. He addresses the skills future workers need. 

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Sandy Geyer (New Zealand)

Expert In Leadership Preparation

Topic of Talk: Why Schools Urgently Need To Better Prepare ALL Future Leaders

Sandy presents on Leadership Literacy for Life, (LL4L) and why in South Africa, early preparation for our future leaders is so important. Sandy shows a tool you can use to develop future leaders in your school. 

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Alex Hall

Principal of Rhenish Primary School (South Africa)

Topic of Talk: Nurturing Future Leaders That Will Bring Change

Alex shares how to nurture pupils’ ethics and values which will one day allow them to be the kind of leaders who will strive for positive change and allow them to be the best for the world, not necessarily the best in the world!

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Luke Ramsden (UK)

Senior Deputy Head | St Benedict's School (UK)

Topic of Talk: A School's Role In Healthy Well-Rounded Pupils

Luke is not only responsible for the day-to-day running of a senior school but as well as the pastoral and safeguarding oversight for three schools. He shares why ‘safeguarding’ is critical to developing well-rounded learners who are ready for the world.

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Sonika Gerber

Head of Operations | Fluidity Software Solutions, Xono App

Topic of Talk: Whistle Blowing Policy In Schools To Eradicate Bullying & Racism

Sonika shares how their whistle blowing app has been used by schools to eradicate
unlawful and toxic behaviour such as bullying, sexual harassment, racism, and more. Toxic behaviour is detrimental to the growth of future leaders.

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Kay Cheytanov

MD @ 3RC, Speaker, Facilitator, Health/Life Coach & BIRKMAN Consultant

Topic of Talk: Why Your Learners Need To Know About Non-Traditional Study Options

Kay is the founder of The Rocking CareerEXPO and has a passion to see the youth of SA educated, motivated and inspired. She shares why your learners need to know about non-traditional study options.

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Jared Molko

Co-Founder | CEO, Yenza

Your Co-Host Will Help Us Understand What Skills Our Learners Need For The Future

As an Ex-Google, TEDx speaker and now Co-Founder of Yenza, Jared co-hosted the webinar and helped us understand what skills our learners need for the future.

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Dean McCoubrey

Founder of MySocialife

Topic of Talk: If 60% of Jobs Will Not Look The Same by 2030, What Skills Really Matter?

If 60% of jobs will not look the same by 2030, what skills really matter? Dean, the founder of a multi-award-winning EdTech life skills platform, unpacks what skills our learners need as well as tips on how schools can equip and engage our rising digital citizens so that they can compete in this future world.

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Martin Baker

Co-founder & CEO of The Safeguarding Company

Topic of Talk: Former UK Homicide Detective On Why Learner Safeguarding Is Critical In Producing Healthy Future Leaders

Martin is a former chief police officer whose 38-year career included spells in counter-terrorism in London and homicide investigations. He was responsible for all aspects of safeguarding and child protection and managed the risks posed by violent and sexual offenders living in the community. He shares why learner safeguarding is critical in producing healthy future leaders.

Moderated by

Ashleig Viljoen

General Manager - Schoolscape

Jared Molko

Jared Molko

Co-Founder & CEO - Yenza

Peter Morgan

CEO - Schoolscape

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