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In one short, high impact 2 hour session:

  • Fuel up on coffee, cake and great conversations.
  • Hear from our guest speaker why every school urgently needs to build their tech backbone and empower their teachers with edtech. With 50% of teachers set to retire in the next 10 years, 1 in 5 learners having learning disabilities, and growing pressure on high-performing schools to accommodate more students, teachers are facing increasing pressure. To address this challenge, Alix du Toit will draw from her experiences across multiple schools to share insights on how to establish an edtech backbone that empowers teachers to enhance their productivity and efficiency.
  • Evaluate 10 new suppliers. Spend 7 minutes with each of our 10 selected companies to decide if they can help move your school forward.

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Guest Speaker: Alix du Toit

With a diverse background in both teaching and technology, Alix started her journey in high school classrooms, teaching Maths and English. After completing her MBA, she transitioned into the corporate world as a consultant. Unable to stay away from education, she transitioned into the dynamic world of EdTech, where she led a Product Team focusing on sound pedagogy and widespread impact. As a Chief Strategy Officer, she is committed to revolutionising teaching through technology. With an unwavering dedication to lifelong learning, she is passionate about shaping the future of education and its transformative impact on individuals and societies.


15 mins – Coffee & Connect:
Grab a cappuccino and network with colleagues from nearby schools.

20 mins – Guest Speaker:
Hear from our guest speaker why every school urgently needs to empower their teachers with tech that makes them more effective. 50% of teachers are retiring in the next 10 years, and 1 in 5 learners have learning disabilities, pressure is on functioning schools to take in more learners, leading to increasing demand and pressure on teachers. To tackle this issue, it’s crucial to provide teachers with effective technology to empower them to become more productive and efficient in their roles.

40 mins – Round Table Session with Edtech Suppliers:
In one session, get familiarized with the first set of key tech and edtech players you need to know about. You will get 7 minutes with each company to share your current edtech challenges and hear how they could support your school.

20 mins – Cake & School Networking:
Network with nearby schools to learn how they have navigated edtech challenges and the solutions they have used.

20 mins – Round Table Session 2 with Edtech Suppliers:
Meet with the last tech and edtech players that could possibly support your school with their unique solutions.


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