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Digital Generation (DG) is a leading provider of custom-made ICT business solutions, designed to unlock and maximise the full lifecycle value of ICT products, services and infrastructure for businesses.

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Since lockdown began, schools have had to introduce technology to support remote learning. The question now is: “Should students keep these devices with them as they come back to school?” If this happens, how do you manage the support, logistics, sales, etc? Many schools pre-COVID already had learners with devices at school which pushed a considerable burden on IT managers. In this webinar, we chat with experts, Digital Generation, and Dell, to discuss a possible solution - outsourced IT device management.

Many devices at school make ICT Management complex and time-consuming. The solution? Outsourced IT device management. Find out how you can make use of Digital Generation's specialist services to fully handle the support, sales, warehousing, and repairs of devices across your school (they even have an online school store where parents can buy devices). Join this interview to find out if this could be a solution for your school.

We will also have a peek at Dell’s device offering (Chromebooks, laptops, etc). The team from Dell will share the educational solutions they have on offer.

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