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DocQtech Solutions specializes in the supply, installation, service and finance of technology into schools. They focus on future-proofing schools and believe that once they have installed theri technology into a school this is just the start of the relationship and they ensure that their products are fully utilized through ongoing training and a constant presence and support at the School.

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Many teachers now face the dilemma of having to teach from home. But, what does this exactly look like? It’s very different from teaching in a physical classroom. We sit down with premier interactive classroom technology and technical teaching aids supplier, DocQtech, who show how teachers can use a Visualiser to teach remotely.

In this free webinar, you will see how the leading Elmo Visualiser and Slate/Tablet can be used to keep students engaged when teaching remotely. What’s great about these products is that they work perfectly in your physical classroom. So, you can use them during and after lockdown.

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