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Interactive AV Solutions Ltd was formed in the United Kingdom in 2008 with the purpose of providing Audio Visual solutions dedicated to the Education and Corporate sectors. We have delivered systems at Cambridge University; Oxford University; London South Bank University & The London Underground to name just a few. With over 10 years experience in the Audio Visual industry, Interactive Audio Visual Solutions strive to provide a first-world-service to its clients in South Africa.

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If your learners are working on devices from home or in the classroom, teachers and IT managers face similar challenges, What are your learners viewing while you are teaching them? Can you control their devices? Can you lock them out of certain websites? How do you assist learners that are technically challenged while still sharing content with the rest of the class? How do you aide the teacher in engaging with their learners? Is there one solution that integrates with other key platforms like Microsoft and Google.

Interactive AV Solutions will be running a live demo of their 2 software solutions to solve these challenges: one for now during lockdown and one for when your learners are back in class.
Join this webinar to find out if these solutions will work for your school during lockdown and post.

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