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SA’s Premier Digital Life Skills Program In Schools for Grade 4 to 11 learners. They also offer three customised 60-minute presentations to help 1) parents 2) teachers and 3) school counsellors/mental health professionals to keep up with the latest social media and smartphone concerns, helping kids to feel safer, and behave smarter, online.

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With home learning causing learners to spend more time on their (or parents’) devices, data is revealing there is an increase in risky online behavior causing mental health and reputational harm. We sit down with Dean from MySociaLife, SA’s #1 In-School Digital Life Skills Educators, to find out what students reveal about sexting, bullying, privacy, trolling and more. This webinar will offer an inside view to help principals and teachers engage with their learners around social media, gaming and smart devices and the challenges they face.

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