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Real Pay Payments Solutions

The founders of Real Pay have developed a system to simplify payments and address the growing demand for electronic solutions, after they identified the need for multiple payments in Southern Africa.

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Now more than ever, school fee collections are key to a schools’ future sustainability. In this live panel discussion, we interview 2 experts to address the following critical questions for schools:

  • What has the DBE said about school fees during Covid-19?
  • Can parents use the legal principle of Force Majeure to argue that the schools have not performed during the lockdown and therefore parents don’t have to pay their school fees?
  • What are the trends in fee collection now due to Covid-19?
  • What is the most effective way to collect from parents now?
  • How do schools make use of debit order systems and what do schools need before running debit orders from parents (documents, agreements, etc)?

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