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Resolute Robotics - Schoolscape Premier 2020 Exhibitor

Resolute Robotics

Resolute Robotics offers a collection of courses that will introduce learners to robotics and expose their minds to a different way of thinking and problem solving.

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In this free live webinar, we will start with an interview with Adam Pantanowitz, a WITS lecturer in the biomedical and electrical faculty, to discuss what the most important skills he expects students to have are when entering his department at university. He will also discuss what the most critical skills to master are as they enter the workspace (hint: Robotics will be a key part of this discussion).

Thereafter Adam will also be joined by the team from Resolute Robotics to help understand Robotics and give a practical demonstration on how Robotics can be implemented at your school. They will go through all the steps on how to start a small project and build it to a sustainable Robotics curriculum and demo how two schools have actually done this.

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