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Syntech cater to several industries and operate in multiple vertical markets. They offer a wide range of technical services which include memory and component upgrades and diagnosing of hardware problems. They work closely with their key resellers to add value to the market by incorporating products, services and providing exceptional technical support.

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Syntech showcase these 3 products to help you take your school back safely:

  1. Simzo Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer – Used to measure body temperature by aiming the device at the forehead from 5-8cm away for less than 1 second.
    – R949 incl VAT (less 20% with coupon code)
  2. 3-Ply Face Masks (x50 units) – Single-use 3-Ply Face Masks are made up of two layers of non-woven fabric and one layer of melt-blown fabric that filters 99% of bacteria, dust, smoke, and pollen. This product protects against particulate matter like droplets.
    – R399 incl VAT (less 20% with coupon code)
  3. Ruida KN95 Civilian Face Masks (x25 units) – The Ruida KN95 Civilian Face Mask provides protection from chemicals, dust, and airborne diseases, featuring a 5-ply filtration system. It has been designed to fit securely on your face while remaining comfortable and breathable.
    – R749 incl VAT (less 20% with coupon code)

Coupon Code: schoolscape0610

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