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V-Soft Technologies

V-Soft Technologies

V-Soft Technologies is a software development company, that has been consulting and providing software solutions to Examinations Bodies and Schools for the past 13 years. Their primary focus is in the education sector, where they have been following the progression of technology within the sector over the past 12+ years. With the experience they gained, they've built some cutting edge systems and products.

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V-Soft Technologies showcase these 2 products to help you take your school back safely:

  1. Asset pool screening app - Mobile Live Paperless COVID 19 Screening solution for schools and businesses.
    - R3 per student per month.
  2. Exam Portal - Exam Portal is a computer-based examination platform that allows Examination Bodies and Schools to conduct timed online or offline exams in a secure environment.
    - Contact them for pricing options.

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