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One event that brought schools together to share innovative tech & edtech solutions that work

17-19 August – Virtual

Schoolscape IT 2021 Line Drawing

Highlights from our most recent event

Watch the most popular keynotes

Play Video about Wayne Strydom - Schoolscape
Robotics Without Expensive Tech! Coding & Robotics for Every Teacher

Wayne Strydom @ Glenwood House School

Play Video about Osca St Marthe - Schoolscape IT 2021
Has Your Password Been Hacked and How Safe Is Your School?

Osca St Marthe, UK based Cybersecurity Expert for Africa, Asia and Europe @ SonicWall

Play Video about Matthew Hains - Schoolscape IT 2021
Playing Games Instead of Teaching! Can I Really Use Minecraft In My Class?

Matthew Hains​, CAT & ICT Development Officer @ SAHETI School

Play Video about Lerato Shupping - Schoolscape IT 2021
There Is An App For That

Lerato Shuping, EdTech Leader @ St Mary’s School Waverly.

Play Video about Frankie Cilliers - Schoolscape IT 2021
Be Inspired To Rethink the Tech In Your Class

Frankie Cilliers, Head of Innovation @ Saxonwold Primary

Play Video about Yasmin Motani - Schoolscape IT 2021
Effortless Coding & Robotics

Yasmin Motani, Director of Academic Operations @ Roedean School

Play Video about Karen Walstra - Schoolscape IT 2021
Coding & Robotics Across the Curriculum

Karen Walstra, Independent Educational Consultant @ Karen Walstra Consulting

Play Video about Rob Faltermier - Schoolscape IT 2021
Innovative Design in Schools

Robert Faltermeier, Director of Innovation @ Jeppe High School for Boys

Play Video about Claire Buckler - Schoolscape IT 2021
Devonport High School for Boys shares their school’s story using Chromebooks and Google tools

Claire Buckler, Director of Learning Commons @ Devonport High School for Boys (UK)

Play Video about Charlotte Fourie - Schoolscape IT 2021
Free Tech for Any Teacher: Microsoft and Google Lens

Charlotte Fourie, Teacher Trainer @ Skoleondersteuningsentrum

Watch sessions by topic

Schoolscape IT 2021 focused on introducing schools to products and solutions that can help your school move forward.
Click on one of the topics below to view the sessions that covered that topic.

  • Brescia house showcasing Microsoft Intune → View on YouTube
  • NB Consult talks about Microsoft Intune for Education and how they can assist your school → View on YouTube
  • Rustenburg Girls High School’s story of simplifying device management with JAMF and how Digicape supported them → View on YouTube
  • Want to be inspired? Devonport High School for Boys, a leading Department for Education demonstrator school in the UK, shares their school’s story using Chromebooks and Google tools → View on YouTube
  • How Rivonia Primary School manages their Google Devices and the role CloudEDU and Acer play in helping them → View on YouTube
  • St Stithians Girls’ Preparatory explains how they introduced Apple devices and software with the help of Think Ahead → View on YouTube
  • Uplands College answers questions about why they use 2Simple’s Purple Mash program in their school → View on YouTube
  • 2Simple demo their Python in Pieces interactive coding environment → View on YouTube
  • Roedean School shares their journey of Effortless Coding and Robotics with STEAM → View on YouTube
  • The company that can help you introduce Lego Education into your school, Hands on Tech, shares the latest offering from Lego Education → View on YouTube
  • SchoolCoding delivers a comprehensive, practical and effective Coding and Robotics curriculum for Grades R-9 → View on YouTube
  • Resolute Robotics gives students the foundation they need to pursue a career in coding and robotics (but not before covering the basics!) → View on YouTube
  • Robotics without expensive tech! – Wayne Strydom → View on YouTube
  • Why do I need Cyber Security – Osca → View on YouTube
  • When Cyber Threats are limitless, your defences must be boundless (SonicWall) → View on YouTube
  • Guide Students to be Safer and Smarter Online (MySociaLife) → View on YouTube
  • A demo on the power of using the visualizer for a teacher and other innovative products to transform your classroom from PPM Audio Visual → View on YouTube
  • Parrot demos their interactive whiteboards → View on YouTube
  • Papercut – printing that won’t cost the earth with the help of Toshiba → View on YouTube
  • Toshiba’s contactless Access Control Solutions – take temperatures, do roll call and capture teachers HR attendance with its face recognition through a mask → View on YouTube
  • Toshiba partnered with Africa’s only Tesla partner to offer you rent-to-own solar packages for your school → View on YouTube
  • EduTech Institute talk about how they are focused on solving the Maths crisis in South Africa with Mindspark → View on YouTube
  • MyCyberwall – an eLearning platform where learning is fun and effective for grade 4-7 → View on YouTube
  • The latest from Snapplify – your digital library for e-textbooks and learn → View on YouTube
  • Why teachers love 3P Learning and their programs → View on YouTube
  • Empower your learners to thrive in the modern economy and achieve career success. (Yenza) → View on YouTube
  • How St Andrew’s School in Bloemfontein moved to cashless payment options (Karri) → View on YouTube
  • d6 explains how vital it is for schools to get rid of cash and centralize all school payments and the solutions they offer → View on YouTube
  • How you can simplify hybrid and in classroom education with Blackboard → View on YouTube
  • Showcasing audio visual tech but also the impact that visuals have in teaching learners (PPM) → View on YouTube
  • Watch this demo of Imperio’s Classroom Management System (Siskonke / Imperio) → View on YouTube
  • Selborne Primary school will share their experience of  Classera – a classroom management system from EduBoard → View on YouTube

Don't Just Take Our Word for It...

Over the last 3 years, we have run numerous Schoolscape events and our feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Here are some of the reviews from our last event.

"Thank you so much for making this event possible virtually!! Having so much fun and amazed at all the latest trends in education technology."

Joalise Botha

Head Teacher, Arcadia Primary

"Thank you for much for the high-quality presenters. I've learned so much."

Ros Coltman

Head of IT, Gonubie Primary

"Thanks to all the organizers and sponsors for an excellent event. I really enjoyed taking part in it."

Lindie Sequeira

School Teacher

"Thank you for a brilliantly organised event. Inspiring and informative."

Adrienne Domorog

Teacher, ArcelorMittal Foundation Science Centre

"I just want to THANK YOU! This is my third year attending SchoolScape and you are continually upping your game! During almost EVERY presenter that I’ve watched, I’ve thought 'Oh, I have to show this to X, Y or Z!' or 'That answers so many questions!!' You ROCK!! Thank you so much for an amazing event! I’m looking forward to joining tomorrow again."

Gerda Mare

IT Manager, Southdowns College

"My first Schoolscape IT event. I learned so much. Thanks for all your amazing input & generous sponsors for prizes and gifts. Can’t wait until the next one."

Heidi Hudson-Bennett

School Tech Integrator

"I really enjoyed the conference. I have learned quite a lot, and am inspired to dream big for my school and IT classroom."

Thomas Schulz

School IT Educator and HoD

"I was really impressed by the organisation of it all and the app / platforms you used. Plus the warm and friendly welcome and atmosphere - quite something for a virtual conference."

James Stanforth

Director of Digital Education, Eton College

"Just want to Thank you for such a great workshop. 16 years of workshops and I can say ... hand on heart, the greatest one I have ever attended. very excited for the next one. Thank you so much."

Mikhaila Wilson

Amanzimtoti High School

"The Schoolscape IT event has been so helpful! It also broadened my horizons and changed the way I think about remote teaching. Thanks for all the effort you put in!"

Helmine De Klerk

Cradock Primary School

Effort-free tech & edtech in action

The purpose of this 3-day virtual event was to move your school forward by learning from other schools’ experiences and successes. Local and overseas schools shared the effort-free tech and edtech solutions they use to simplify their life and engage learners. 

There was a morning track for school IT decision makers where you got to see the bigger picture of tech and edtech across the school. Effort-free solutions in action presented by real school IT managers.

And an afternoon track for teachers and edtechimplementers where you got to see how other teachers effectively use simple technology to increase learner engagement without creating an unrealistic workload.

Attendees earned 10 CPTD Points for attending thanks to our SACE & CPTD partner, Get SACE Points. The Get SACE Points Team loaded the points for them.

Schoolscape IT 2021

What To Expect

Engage In Live Interactive Sessions
Meet With Tech Gurus
Network With Other Schools & Experts
Prizes & Giveaways

Meet Your Tech Gurus

Launched for the first time at Schoolscape IT 2021 – you were able to meet with top school IT Managers and edtech implementers that have expert experience in specific areas (from security, networking, systems, edtech tools and more). They made their time available for you to book a one-on-one meeting with them to learn from their first-hand experience.

Kevin Steenkamp

Kevin Steenkamp

Farrarmere Primary

Tech implementations and planning

Lerato Shuping

Lerato Shuping

St Mary's School Waverly

EdTech Leader

Eric Prinsloo

Eric Prinsloo

Roedean School

Director of IT (infrastructure)

Nkuli Gamede

Nkuli Gamede

Queens College

Head of Innovation

Robert Faltermeier

Robert Faltermeier

Jeppe Boys

Director of Innovation

Lisa Parrock

Lisa Parrock

Stellenbosch High

Edtech Implementer

Frankie Cilliers

Frankie Cilliers

Saxonwold Primary

Head of Innovation & Digital Marketing Leader

Irene Basson

Irene Basson

St Johns College

Director of IT: Teaching & Learning

Justin Harper

Justin Harper


ICT Manager

Meet Your Speakers

Lerato Shuping

Lerato Shuping

EdTech Leader | St Mary's School Waverly

"There is an app for that" - Have you ever thought there could be an app for that challenge you are facing in your class? Lerato not only shared some incredible free apps but also shared how to uncover amazing free resources that engage learners and don't add more workload.

Osca St Marthe

Osca St Marthe

UK based Cybersecurity Expert for Africa, Asia & Europe | SonicWall

"Has your password been hacked and how safe is your school?" - International cybersecurity expert Osca St Marthe dove into the biggest security threats South African schools are facing. He showed you how to see if your passwords have been hacked and the worst passwords.

Matthew Hains​

Matthew Hains​

CAT & ICT Development Officer | SAHETI School

Back at another Schoolscape event by very popular demand. Matthew inspired you with the free tech he uses and how it makes any classroom come alive. (Matthew's session at Schoolscape Premier was voted the best session)

Claire Buckler

Claire Buckler

Director of Learning Commons | Devonport High School for Boys

*UK School Speaker* Devonport is a leading Department for Education demonstrator school. Claire shared her school's tech story with a focus on the tech they use, why they use it, and the vision for their school.

Wihan Neethling

Wihan Neethling

Head of Innovation | Rustenburg Girls High School

"Rustenburg Girls High School's story of simplifying device management" - Wihan shared their school's story of how they have simplified device management. He showcased the tool he uses (JAMF) as well as his top tips and tricks that you can use at your school.

Yasmin Motani

Yasmin Motani

Director of Academic Operations | Roedean School

Having previously implemented STEAM at Pridwin and now making robotics a dedicated subject at Roedean, Yasmin shared her experience of using a variety of solutions including LEGO Education.

Robert Faltermeier

Robert Faltermeier

Director of Innovation | Jeppe Boys

Rob shared from his master studies on rethinking how we use spaces in schools. Tech is powerful but so are the spaces we use and how we physically set up schools. Get a fresh perspective that might make you rethink your classrooms.

Erin Bradley

Erin Bradley

Information Technology Teacher | Bryneven Primary School

Get an inside view of how this local primary school thinks about coding and technology across their school.

Wayne Strydom

Wayne Strydom

Educator | Glenwood House School

Wayne shared how you can incorporate coding, robotics and edtech into your class no matter what you teach.

Charlotte Fourie

Charlotte Fourie

Wolkskool-lecturer for IT and Teacher Trainer at Skoleondersteuningsentrum

Charlotte showcased how two free mobile apps will transform learning in your classroom and simplify your administration.

Dean McCoubrey

Dean McCoubrey

Global Speaker and Founder | MySociaLife

The #1 ‘Digital LifeSkills’, Social Media, Online Safety and Media Literacy Program In Schools.*

Session Replays

'The Morning Track'
For IT Decision Makers

Heads, IT Managers, Deputies, Business Managers
Learn from other school schools and industry experts who demoed effort-free IT products and services that have moved their school forward. We know how busy you are. So, to make the most of your time: We hosted a daily high-impact session lasting only 1h45min.

17 August, Tues 09:30 - 11:00

Tues: The death of the overhead projector

Every school is on a journey from chalkboards to tech-enabled classrooms. This session encouraged you in your journey, no matter where you are in it, and inspired you with effortless solutions that work.

  • A leading international (overseas) school IT Manager showcased their tech turnaround story from average to incredible – the tech they use, why they choose it and how it works together.
  • This was followed by a showcase of the latest tech for schools from connectivity, infrastructure, security, devices, AV to content delivery (each with real examples of schools using them).
18 August, Wed 09:30 - 11:00

Wed: Device Management Simplified

Three SA schools showcased how they manage their devices. They shared how they secure the devices at home and school, their systems for support and maintenance, how they deploy the devices, charging the solutions and why they choose the devices they are using.

19 August, Thurs 09:30 - 11:00

Thurs: Effortless Robotics and Coding

The final day was all about introducing coding and robotics solutions that build into your curriculum and make it easy for you and your staff.

  • A junior and a high school IT manager shared how they successfully introduced robotics in their school and engaged their educators to get behind it.

'The Afternoon Track'
For Edtech Implementers & Teachers

Teachers, Edtech Implementers, HODs, Deputies:
Real teachers shared success stories of how simple tech increased engagement in their pupils, without creating an unrealistic workload. We know how busy you are. So, to make the most of your time: We hosted a daily high-impact session lasting only 1h45min.

17 August, Tues 15:00 - 16:30

Tues: Amazing Digital Resources for Teachers

Day one saw two incredible teachers showcase the edtech and digital resources they are using in their class. Find out how they use it in their classrooms, how it simplifies their life, engages learners and how you could introduce it in your class. After they presented, 3 industry leaders presented on what to look for in digital resources and what they have to recommend.  

18 August, Wed 15:00 - 16:30

Wed: If I can only imagine - DREAM tech

This session was all about the latest, most innovative tech you could be using in your classroom. The first speaker showcased how she uses simple tech in her classroom to engage her learners and reduce the burden as a teacher. After this, we showcased some incredible tech and edtech to help you see what could be possible in your class.

19 August, Thurs 15:00 - 16:30

Thurs: Incorporating Coding and Robotics into my classroom to blow my students away

No matter your tech skills, the last day of the event was all about Coding and Robotics. Learn from two teachers as they shared how they have incorporated coding and robotics into their classrooms. This was followed by a panel discussion where 4 industry experts provided tips and tricks from their experience of helping schools with coding and robotics.


Meet the Innovative Companies Who Make the Event Possible
When selecting our event sponsors/exhibitors, we always look for companies who have the best reputation in the education industry and those who can demo their products/services to you in a real-life scenario.
Overall Event Sponsor



Meet Your Hosts

Kevin Steenkamp

Kevin Steenkamp

IT Manager, Aston Primary

Kevin is the IT Manager of Aston Primary School. He plays a consulting role to ensure that the event is positioned to help schools and parents.

Peter Morgan

Peter Morgan

Schoolscape CEO

CEO of Schoolscape and SchoolAdvisor. Also co-founded d6 Technology.

Ashleig Viljoen

Ashleig Viljoen

Events Director

Meet Ashleig - the events director for all Schoolscape events.

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