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2021 has brought new challenges to school purchasing. To help your school, Schoolscape has launched the Top 21. Companies we know can provide you with incredible deals, the best delivery of the products and services.

A series of Schoolscape Live Webinars with real schools and industry experts sharing their school solar stories.

This one event brought schools together to share innovative tech & edtech solutions that work. Visit the event page to view highlights from the event.

Don’t just take our word for it…

Over the last 3 years, we have run numerous Schoolscape events and our feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Here are some of the reviews from our last event.

"I really enjoyed the conference. I have learned quite a lot, and am inspired to dream big for my school and IT classroom."

Thomas Schulz

School IT Educator and Head of Department

"Thank you to all the organizers for an excellent event. And also a BIG thank you to all the sponsors. I really enjoyed being part of this event."

Lindie Sequeira

School Teacher

"This is been my first Schoolscape IT event. I have learned so much. Thanks to everyone for all your amazing input and generous sponsors for prizes and gifts. Can’t wait until the next one."

Heidi Hudson-Bennett

School Tech Integrator

"The Schoolscape IT event has been so helpful! It also broadened my horizons and changed the way I think about remote teaching. Thanks for all the effort you put in!"

Helmine De Klerk

School Teacher

"Thank you for much for the high-quality presenters. I've learned so much."

Ros Coltman

School IT Manager

"Thank you for a brilliantly organised event. Inspiring and informative."

Adrienne Domorog

School Teacher

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