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2Simple is a leading educational software provider committed to enhancing learning experiences for children. Our comprehensive suite of tools, including the Purple Mash platform, focuses on fostering creativity and skill development. We aim to seamlessly integrate technology into classrooms, preparing the younger generation for a digital future. Our mission is to make teaching and learning more engaging and interactive for young children, by providing easy-to-use and innovative digital tools that enhance the learning experience.
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33 Reviews on “2Simple”

33 reviews
  • I have been using Purple Mash for 2 years and find it brilliant, especially for the Foundation phase children who have not been exposed to things like spreadsheets, emailing etc. It coverzs all aspects of the curriculum that I need to teach and is a safe site where children can explore and learn without being exposed to ‘damaging’ content. The self help videos are brilliant for any concepts I am a little unclear on. The curriculum plan is brilliant as it sets out my lessons for me. I have thoroughly enjoyed using this programme and so have my children.

  • Thank you for the great product and support.

  • I have been using Purple Mash from the beginning of this year and it is a fabulous program. It was simple for me to implement and use daily. The lessons and activities covered on Purple Mash are thoroughly enjoyed by my pupils and they have learned so many important skills and uses on the computers. They get to learn and have fun on a platform that is safe and secure.

  • Wow, I had no idea you could do so much and make life easier for yourself and other teachers. Amazing!

  • I love the fact that I can find all the tools together with the support that I need to run a fully functional computer lab. Purplmash is a fun cloud-based platform that is accessible anywhere with internet access. My favorite feature is their user-friendly interface which is vital when teaching younger age groups. Lesson plans and guides are provided and are easy for any teacher to understand and teach. Teaching possibilities are endless and topics cover most learning areas. The thing that I find most reassuring is that their friendly staff are ever willing to help.

  • We have been using Purple Mash for a few years now at St Johns DSG and are super happy with the program, training and quick assistance. The lessons are great and we enjoy using the computer curriculum.

  • We use Purple Mash for Computer Literacy lessons. The online website is user-friendly for teachers and learners. The curriculum is developed by experts and is current and relevant to this generation of kids. The support service from Tim Holliday and the Purple Mash team has been fast and efficient. Thank you Purple Mash.

  • Wonderful teacher support material. Just enjoyed another great webinar with Tim Holliday (presenting). Great resource with so many uses. And there is still so much to use in the package.

  • We have been using Purple Mash for many years, which shows that we are very happy with the product. Our learners love the many activities which are available, their favorite being in Maths where they race against one another. Serial Mash, the books with the activities which follow in each chapter, is enjoyed by the learners too. Coding is an all-time favorite with the learners. The steps and hints on how to code enable the learners to move at their own pace. The service from 2Simple is outstanding. I like the immediate response one gets to one’s e-mails. Our learners use 2Simple2Type from Grade 1, where they learn to type correctly. I highly recommend this software.

  • Really impressed with Purple Mash and the wealth of resources available to simply and enrich teaching. Tim is a superb and knowledgeable ambassador for the company and a great connector with educators whose world he clearly understands.

  • As a Grade 1 teacher, I have found Purple Mash to be an incredibly helpful tech tool. There are games and programs within Purple Mash that both extend and assist teaching of concepts in a fun and relevant way for our tech savvy children. I have had fun discovering and "playing" before introducing the games to the children too. Loads of built-in hacks for teachers too which is great! Purple Mash was also came to the rescue during hard lockdown, Level 5, as we were able to assign activities that children were able to complete independently. Purple Mash is a great product and definitely worth checking out as there is something useful for all!

  • A brilliant and helpful team; a plethora of 21st-century learning and teaching tools. The coding side of Purple Mash is truly great; an indispensable; our learners have an understanding through this system. We look forward to using more of Purple Mash – the outlook points towards taking teaching and learning to a higher level.

  • Purple Mash ticks all the boxes for me. Firstly, it is user-friendly – which is one of the top priorities in my opinion. The activities are educationally sound (in line with CAPS) and the boys love them. The demo videos are so helpful and the support from the Purple Mash staff is excellent. Purple Mash makes teaching ICT so easy but, more importantly, it makes the learning a consistently exciting and memorable experience.

  • This product offers multiple uses across both the CAPS and IT curriculum. The 2Simple team have been super helpful in both implementing and maintaining the school database and I would highly recommend them.

  • Our School, Laerskool Wierdapark, has used the programs for a number of years and it just gets better. It is kept up to date with current topics and it is a really awesome learning experience for all the learners. There is lessons on coding, maths, and games, just to mention a few, all great fun. We would recommend it for any school, even Afrikaans medium schools.

  • 2Simple is an amazing program that is easy to use and that the children love! Nielle is always willing to help with any questions or queries we have. Excellent overall!

  • The kids and I love using this program in the computer room. I teach 300 primary school children a week. Each child has a login password and a profile pic, which is all very exciting when you are 7. Most areas of learning are included from writing projects to fun with reading and art.

  • Extremely helpful teaching tool to use at a school or for remote learning! I highly recommend it.

  • The learners absolutely love using the program. They love the typing challenges that I set for them on the 2Do list.

  • We love the product and enjoy working with the 2Simple team who are extremely efficient and well organised. They offer regular training for teachers and keep us up to date and working effectively.

  • I have used Purple Mash for a number of years with especially grade 1-4 and find it amazing. The support is good and it is simple to use. There are many parts that I have not used yet, so only using certain sections a lot, but planning on investigating further. The children love it!!!

  • Our school have been using Purple Mash for the past three years and since the lockdown, it has really been used even more effectively in the support of remote learning of the learners. I really am very happy with the service provided by this amazing platform, especially in the younger years it is an amazing tool to support your teaching and assisting the learners to really take ownership of their own learning. Thank you so much Purple Mash!

  • I have been following their training sessions during the lockdown and I have learned such lot and would like to ask everyone to join this platform. I really need to get my school onto this platform.

  • Relevant and informative to modern educational trends. Promotes quality education and is applicable.

  • Tim & Neill have very hands on experience with this product and are always so willing to help if we have queries.

  • A fantastic tool for children, schools and teachers alike. It assists in teaching and reviewing skills with children and aids the teacher in assessing their children’s learning progress. User friendly. Support from 2Simple is wonderful, no problem too small or too big for them to assist with. And they do it with a smile!

  • Amazing product!! I love it and I discover new features every time I use it. It is the best program on the market for digital literacy and bringing technology into the classrooms.

  • 2Simple is great!! I use their product, Purple Mash in my school on a daily basis. Communication with 2Simple is easy, no hassle and they have great customer service. Friendly staff are always willing to help and offer assistance whenever needed. My children love Purple Mash! Thank you, 2Simple!

  • This is a great company with an awesome product for schools. Their software program, Purple Mash is a great teaching tool to use when teaching digital literacy and to integrate into other subjects. It is a versatile program and we love using it at our school.

  • The online program is very teacher and kid-friendly. Economical when viewed against other products out there. Admin also easy. When requested, training and assistance freely given and response is good. Now that it is CAPS aligned, we are using it more and more in all subjects.

  • We were looking for an affordable e-learning solution that covers the whole curriculum and works on multiple different devices with no need to install apps. Purple Mash was the best, and the only solution. We will recommend this for all schools.

  • Really good service and a great product!

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