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3P Learning is a world-leading educational software company with a mission to create better ways to learn. And we want to help you inspire a love of learning by providing engaging, meaningful and personal learning experiences through exceptional education programs.
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11 Reviews on “3P Learning”

11 reviews
  • Maths online from Mathletics is a truly inspiring platform which helps students improve a great deal.

  • As a teacher of Grade 7 ( & 6’s in the past ) I have seen how helpful the Mathletics program can be for students to get a good solid grounding to improve their Maths concepts.I went and did a quick check on how those in Gr 7 that DIDN’T do the Mathletics work, that I set for revision and homework tasks, did in the end of year results, compared to those that did. It clearly showed, as those that never did the Mathletics averaged around 50-55% year end, while the rest of the learners that did as much as possible averaged 70-80% as an end of year final mark!!! I am definitely recommending all schools that can get the program, to use it fully.

  • Mathletics is an online programme for teachers and learners. It helps learners enjoy maths and improve their understanding. It saves teacher’s time in lesson planning and preparation.

  • Kendal and team provide amazing and prompt service. Always just a brief email away. ReadingEggs is a great product. Children love it and are learning while having fun.

  • My students absolutely love Reading Eggs and look forward to working on their tasks! Kendal’s service delivery is always outstanding – she is patient and quick to respond to queries.

  • Loving that Reading Eggs and Eggspress is so suited to online learning and facilitates learning from home! I have always loved that Reading Eggspress conveys spelling, vocabulary, language, dictionary work, reading and comprehension lessons in their software; now that children are home indefinitely this is one of the resources we will use the most. Kendal’s excellent service remains warm and efficient.

  • Our school has implemented the Math Seeds, Reading Eggs/press and Mathletics programmes this year. The programmes have made a hugely positive impact on our students and staff alike. The 3P team are exceptionally efficient. Kendal is available 24/7 and is able to assist with all queries, big or small. The staff training was incredibly useful and we look forward to using the various platforms available next year.

  • This program is engaging, stirs a passion for reading and learning spelling in an easy, yet effective way. Children can learn at their own pace and are rewarded through the program. They dive into a world where reading is rewarding and rewards can be spent in a whole variety of avenues. They have access to a vast choice of digital library books ranging from every kid friendly genre available. It encourages children to actually read and think at the same time. This is a great program for parents and teachers. Activities and assignments can be managed and set for individuals and classes to keep them on track. The list of beneficial learning tools and areas are truly exceptional. I would recommend this program any day!

  • Great product offering. Excellent ebooks available for Mathematics.

  • Children can work on it at home and we have seen good progress with them

  • Professional, good detail, current, online updates

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