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We specialise in innovative learning solutions for schools and training organisations. Our particular competencies, products and services lie in STEM subjects and learning management system provision.
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9 Reviews on “Advantage Learn”

9 reviews
  • The NBT Preparation workshops offered by Advantage Learn have proved to be most informative, helpful and successful. Witteberg has made use of Advantage over the last 4 years and have not been disappointed by their expert staff offering the NBT prep workshops to our learners. I would encourage all learners that need to write the NBT’s to make use of the service offered by Advantage Learn. It gives you the needed edge on NBT’s. Advantage Learn will not disappoint you.

  • Excellent help and very professional!

  • Advantage Learn ran an NBT in-person workshop for MAT at our school. The learners gained so much from the workshop and the company was super-efficient. The online course for AQL was well organized and helpful for the learners. It made my job so easy and has become a must-have on our annual academic calendar.

  • This company is so professional. They have been running our AP Maths since 2018 and our parents and students have been very happy with the service given. As Academic Head I am kept informed about the engagement and achievements of my students on a regular basis. I would recommend Advantage Learn to any schools that are unable to find the time or the expertise to run their AP Maths properly at school.

  • We have also used Advantage Learn for NBT workshops for the past few years – their presenter, Heather, is phenomenal and she really relates to the students. Our students have been thoroughly prepared for their NBTs and they were happy to run the course at our school which is a 2 hour drive from Durban. Excellent service and highly effective methodology.

  • The service offered was very professional and well constructed. The children enjoyed and was impressed by what they have received. The presenters were thorough and to the point. It is just a huge pity that this year is turning out to be so disruptive for the children….they are joking about refunds….because most of the universities will not consider NBT scores for entry during the 2021 academic year. Thank you for your services, I hope that we will continue with this relationship.

  • Satisfied with the service received. Tutor was always punctual and well versed.

  • Excellent service! Learners tell that they would not be able to do NBT’s without this course.

  • Advantage Learn offer AP Maths to some of our learners. They provide their own notes in easy to use booklets. Very professional, efficient company who are a pleasure to work with.

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