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Digicape is an Apple Premium Reseller, Authorised Service Centre, Education and Business Solutions Expert and Professional Training Provider.
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11 Reviews on “Digicape”

11 reviews
  • Very relatable, knowledgeable and easy to work with. We use iPads across the whole school and they provide us with fantastic training and support.

  • Good reliable information and service.

  • They have been very helpful with all information regarding buying new apple iPads . Great service and positive feedback.

  • We have experienced Digicape to be an excellent partner in supporting our vision with the integration of technology on our school campus. Their understanding of complex learning and teaching needs in our context has enhanced the provision to our students, particularly using technology as creative as well critical tools for learning.We are delighted with the growth in their Education division, as this complements and enhances the support needs of our schools.

  • Excellent device, workable friendly staff that do not just supply tech but provide training too.

  • We are happy to say that we have received nothing less but great service. They have been most helpful when it comes to several questions in helping how to use iPads in a school environment. We were also very happy with their training sessions.

  • A very good company to train all your teachers to get everyone of your staff members on board. Very comprehensive technology!

  • The service and advice from the Apple experts at DigiCape is wonderful. They supply our school with Apple devices and we are very happy with their customer care and technical support. The Apple in Education department is great and fulfills all our needs as an ‘iPad School’. We are constantly updated with the latest app advice and special offers. The support is instant – no left waiting for a phone call/email to be returned.

  • I have bought an Apple TV to “mirror” the image form my iPhone/old Ipad. This enables me to teach from my ebook/videos/memos on the whiteboard, data projector & Apple TV!!!Digicape gave me great advice and excellent service!

  • Service and delivery and after sales are fantastic. Their products are great too!

  • Excellent service from a great team of people.

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