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EDUPAC is an International Leader in Education Software that provides online EMIS and LMS Solutions designed to effortlessly collate data and efficiently provide information to all stakeholders being it Owners, Employees, Educator, Parents, Students or a Government.
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130 Reviews on “Edupac”

130 reviews
  • Naveen Giri (Support, GDSupport)

    They are very quick to respond

  • Edupac has always been very efficient , good service provided and excellent feedback


  • Very Helpful, Friendly staff!

  • Although it’s a good programme it still is frustrating and time consuming at times. Eg Enrollment Wizard, sometimes rejects the admission number or even language. Also sometime after creating a learner and you want to PROCESS, it gives you an error and you have to start again …

  • This product is truly brilliant. The data is secure and the product is reliable and user friendly, the perfect fit for ANY school / institution. We have been using Edupac for close to 20 years, their service has always been prompt, professional and cost effective! This product is very reliable and will meet ALL of your school management system needs & more!

  • The product is user-friendly and services all our needs. The support staff are always efficient, professional, and helpful.

  • Best School Management and Account System I have used

  • Edupac helps Laerskool Kanonkop everytime I book a call or send an email. They go the extra mile with their clients. Sometimes they will work through the night to help me with problems regarding marks and reports. Thank you Edupac for being part of Laerskool Kanonkop’s financial and administrative life!

  • The Edupac helpdesk staff are quick to respond and always helpful. They are very clear in their explanation of the process to follow. If they are unable to solve the problem immediately they give a detailed timeline of the procedure so that we know where our query is at any given moment. Their technicians are prompt and thorough and our job is made easier as a result. Thank you!

  • This software has made my job of reporting to the Department of Education so much easier! The required reports are always available and easy to find. When the GDE change the reporting process, Edupac is quick to respond so that my school remains compliant. Thank you!

  • The product is excellent and very schools based

  • Edupac is a good accounting package – very user-friendly and ideal for schools.

  • I work at Bloubergrant High School as an administrator.When Edupac was introduced, I didn’t go for the training that was provided.The teachers and other personnel that went for the training were not interested in this new software. For them, it was too complicated. I asked my headmaster if I could have a go with the new software and from day one, I was hooked! I didn’t know anything, so, I had to do everything from scratch. It was hard at first but I was determined to learn. In all honesty, the system is not hard at all. I called Edupac like twenty times a day. I know all the consultant’s names by voice already. They are always willing to help. From Stephan to all the other consultants, they are always very friendly and helpful.Today I am an Edupac master, as my headmaster calls me. Just by a click of a button, I can get all the information he needs. I am proud to say that I enjoy working on the Edupac system.There are a few things I would like to change that would benefit me personally or think it would work better, but, we can’t always get what we want. That said, I want to thank Edupac for the excellent service they provide. Keep up the good work!


  • Great course to attend with more than helpful and capable personnel presenting the course. Edupac has got much more hidden techniques we are not aware of!

  • Excellent program, we were so scared to go over to the cloud but it surely is worth it! Edupac will go out of their way to develop customized supporting documents. Helpful staff. A great company with excellent support.

  • Excelent I love and understand this product. Keep it up

  • The system is straight forward and definately user friendly. Help is always just a phone call away and feedback is quick and efficient. I have worked on Excell and Micro-scope before Edupac and customer service and problem solving were not handled with the same friendliness and efficiency.Ria West Rand School

  • Edupac software is an excellent tool to use. And the support is excellent. I always get an immediate reply on my e-mails to say that it has been received and within 10 minutes I either get a call or e-mail to assist me. I will recommend Edupac to every single school.

  • I think that they could improve on the way in which they speak to their clients. Consultants in their offices should be mindful of the fact that administrators have vary degrees of IT knowledge. They tend to speak above the secretaries.

  • Prompt, well organised and knowledgeable technicians. We are very happy with their Admin system.

  • I like working with this software of all the ones I have been exposed to. It is, by far, the simplest and easy to use. Financial information is readily available at a click of a button. Once they upgrade to multiple currencies, then it will be completely awesome.

  • I arrived at the school in 2000 and the school was already using Edupac. We use Edupac to capture all the details of our parents and pupils. We also make use of the Financial module. Using one progamme for all our activities is excellent and more effective than using a separate module for finance. All the reports I am able to print are helpful for me to run my school efficiently.One thing that can be frustrating is when you have to log a call and then wait for Edupac to contact you to resolve the problem. Sometimes you need to sort the problem out immediately.Recently I made a choice to upgrade to the web based programme and Michael has been very helpful to assess whether our internet was fast enough for us to operate the new system.The education Department offers the SA-SAMS proramme free of charge to schools, but we have chosen to stay with Edupac as over the years we have found this system to be very reliable.

  • Back service is good. Product is great.

  • This company is the no 1 brand to support school administration. This is a very good company to assist the running of the school and has outdone itself, assisting Lyttelton Primary School. This system is efficient and user-friendly, as is the support team.

  • We mostly deal with Stephanie with regard to any updates, queries, etc. I have always found her to be helpful, knowledgeable, and quick to respond to any queries. She provides help via Team Viewer and, by doing so, I find myself understanding the processes. Thank you Stephanie – I appreciate your input.

  • Excellent service from Stephanie via Team Viewer.

  • Jopie Fourie Primary have been using Edupac since 2006. Help desk have been helping / supporting me through out going over from one admin/financial system to another. Two years ago we started using the Online Enterprise addition and again the help desk were awesome….Even if I make really silly mistakes Kerry would fix it without ever being impatient .From Stefan that guards the staff at the help desk, Micheal, Chrystal, Kerry that will even help me on a Friday evening if I am stuck and can’t go further…..It is very assuring that you know help desk is just a call/e-mail away…Thank you.

  • Edupac has proven to be a fantastic all-round product which caters for all our needs in our school environment, be it curricular, finance or other. And all this from one central database of learners. Thank you Edupac!

  • I have been using the Edupac system since its introduction (in the last century), at two different schools, and have found it to be ideally suited to the needs of both State and Independent Schools Both the initial training in its use and the post-installation service have always been superb. Thanks you for an excellent product.

  • Excellent programme, excellent support. Edupac always go out of their way to develop new supporting documents, schedules, etc.Helpful staff. Informed decisions on queries. A great company.

  • Edupac personnel are always ready and eager to help with any new developments or requirements from the Gauteng Education Department. A professional, trusted and innovative product which grows day by day keeping schools abreast with new developments.

  • They are a good company and we are very happy with the service they provide.

  • It works very well. I would recommend them to anyone.

  • I think that the Edupac programme is very easy to use and understand. The support you get when you need help is awesome.

  • Very happy with the product since we moved to the Online version.

  • Always professional, quick and willing to help.

  • Financial Management System. This part of the edupac suite of programs is very reliable and stable. Our bursar has been using it when it was still on the Windows platform. We were one of the first schools to go over to Enterprise and it was great. Thank you. Our bursar managed to get everything to balance for year end on Tuesday. Even the Nico from EdUpac was so impressed.Thank you to the team

  • We have dealt with Edupac for a number of years now. Our secretaries enjoy the prompt assistance they get from Helpdesk. I enjoy working with Jaco on our school timetable. He always makes things easy and assists me in setting up the best timetable for the school, taking all my requirements into consideration.

  • This product is very user friendly and makes everyday school admin so much easier and faster. Thank you for an awesome product.

  • first time when new product is introduced there are a lot of teething problems but as time goes on and it get sorted out the product is user friendly and easy to use and maintain and all thelearners/parents/guardians info is at handLizette Laerskool Werda

  • Friendly consultants – always ready to assist.

  • I think that it is a great product and is very user friendly.

  • Since the starting years of Edupac, Orchards Primary School (Laerskool Dirkie Uys, Jhb) was involved as a client. What a pleasure to have Marie-Anne as well as Ronel at our premises to put a personal touch to the smooth running of the Module. To have such confidence each year to submit all financial books and documents to the auditors, speaks for itself.

  • The company is very productive and assists schools in the best way possible.

  • I have used two systems during the short time I have been employed by Jeppe Prep. School. EDUPAC has proved to have all functions needed to run the school. Information is easily acquired, with very little training needed. It has also proven to keep sensitive information safe. When our school was robbed in early November 2016, all our information was recovered effortlessly. I definitely would recommend EDUPAC to anybody looking for recommendations. EDUPAC – keep up the good work, your system works.

  • I’ve been working with Edupac for 12 years. I’ve dealt with Kerry, Michael, Jaco and other Edupac staff and they are excellent with their service and very friendly. Edupac is a user friendly system.

  • We as school always get the help when we need. Always friendly staff.

  • Easy and very user friendly, a pleasure to work with..

  • If you are looking for a school software package you cannot go wrong if you purchase Edupac.Edupac covers Administration, Financial Management, Marks, Media and much more. It is simple to use, with very good support.

  • We are looking forward to the cloud-based upgrade to an already effective system which covers Finance, School data base, Library, Marks and Reports and Timetable. The new upgrade features a Parent Communication Portal.

  • For the amount that you pay I expect better service. They have the knowledge but you can not speak to someone. Do not answer phone / email / texts. More people need to be employed to service such a big area. After sales service is not good at all. Nice people though.

  • Whenever I require assistance from EDUPAC, I always receive help or assistance within minutes. I can really recommend EDUPAC as a SUPER package for all schools.

  • A complete and holistic management system, cloud based. Great service support. Excellent communication.

  • I am very happy with the Edupac product. Serves our all needs in the school environment!

  • We were running on the Edupac Windows system and moved over to the Enterprise (Cloud) version. The service and training from Edupac was outstanding. The system is very user-friendly to use and the reporting function on the system is great!I would highly recommend Edupac to any schools out there.

  • It is always a pleasure to contact Edupac through their Helpdesk, as they always respond quickly and their services are professional, effective efficient and without fault. What I appreciate most is that their services are customer friendly and the personal touch is evident.

  • As a new user to the Edupac Program, I was quite impress with the quality of service that I had received from the consultant and staff of Edupac. Always going the extra mile to ensure that my deadlines was meet and with their latest New Technology, its a WOW!So here’s to you Edupac – Always thinking ahead for the pack!

  • We receive excellent service from Edupac.

  • Have been dealing with them for over 20 years – very happy with the software – very user-friendly and staff are willing to help.

  • It is good in the way that it accommodates for all the different areas of a school environment, especially DOE requirements. It is important to note the ongoing progress.

  • We’ve been using Edupac since they were launched. Best school admin program, marks, finance and help desk.

  • Very user friendly just love it!!!

  • Being a small but growing private rural school with little to no resources, subscribing to Edupac School Management EEE has ensured our school’s systems are fully functional and up to date.Thank you to the Edupac staff who assisted in making this happen.

  • Edupac staff are well trained, professional and friendly. Their product is beyond brilliant. I honestly don’t know how any school can manage without it. I have had more challenges in trying to get this rating submitted in the past hour, than I have had with Edupac over the past 7 years!! Edupac Rocks. They make going to work worth the effort!!

  • The service we receive from Edupac is always speedy and conclusive. We generally find the response time is quicker than anticipated!

  • I think that overall it accommodates all aspects of our school’s needs. I have nothing to do with the price and so cannot comment on this aspect.

  • The product and the staff are both excellent – always helpful.

  • The customer service we have received has been absolutely wonderful and the programme and support is very user friendly.

  • Our school has been with Edupac since 2008. We have been extremely satisfied with their product and more especially, the services and follow ups rendered by their help-desk. Their help-desk staff are courteous, and are always willing to go the extra mile. Thank you for supporting us throughout the years.

  • I have used Edupac for many years. Many other companies have tried to persuade me to move but I certainly will not as the Edupac package is comprehensive and certainly gives us all we need as a school.


  • Excellent product. Professional and friendly support & training done by all staff members @ EduPac.

  • Excellent service and backup.

  • The service is of high standard. Jaco at Edupac will always help when there is a problem. I can not complain. Service very good.

  • Whenever I log a request, its attended to friendly and promptly.

  • I would like to praise Ashley Waterston for her friendly, speedy assistance! Edupack is a great program to work worth. It is so user friendly! Thank you.

  • Well, I’m just telling you that I’ve worked on other systems and we have now been on Edupac for a very long time! It works the best for schools. You’ve got everything you need to do your work properly. All in one – Admin, Finance(that’s the best in the world), reports, debtors and vendors and much more. The service is Excellent! The teachers and Admin love this program – it’s tops!!!! The Management team and the whole Edupac team is highly qualified in their field of work and are always willing to go a step further for their clients. For me and our school, they are the best!

  • Quick solutions and they are supportive with additional reports.

  • Edupac gave us a good service. The product is also user friendly. Thank you for you help and support when we need that.

  • Very good system. Everything that you need to function as a school properly can be put onto Edupac. The backup from your regional person and head office is amazing.

  • I am with SGHS for 6 years and I have always received very good service from Edupac. The system is user friendly. The staff is always helpful especially Ronel

  • We have dealt with Edupac for many years, the service is excellent and they always try to solve ones problems

  • Always get Excellent service from Nico and Stephanie

  • Excellent communication tool, excellent customer service, very effective, affordable, very user friendly!

  • Costumer-friendly product. The helpdesk is friendly and efficient.

  • very efficient and always helpful and waiting time is kept to a minimum pleasure to work with them

  • Edupac is a company to depend on for keeping track of our learners and staff. No suggestion is too much trouble to investigate. All queries are dealt with as soon as possible and very competently. Friendly staff do their best to suggest solutions to our problems; even going as far as to write special programs uniquely for our school. I would suggest them to anybody.

  • Excellent service. Prompt response. Always have a solution to any need. Can customize the software to meet any school’s requirements. Best decision Walvis Bay Private High School ever made to go with Edupac.

  • Product is very user friendly and easy to use. Will not change to another unless we are forced. Very happy with Edupac

  • We have used Edupac to administer admissions, the school database, and finances at Kloof Junior Primary School since 2001. We find the software extremely user-friendly and the support team is very reliable.


  • I have found them very helpfull especially with marks and reports. Helpdesk is efficient.

  • Ek het nog net uitstekende diens ervaar, maar daar is ‘n paar punte wat ek voel aangespreek kan word:*Die samewerking tussen Edupac en SA-SAMS besorg redelike probleme en Edupac is makliker bereikbaar as SA-SAMS. Julle werk onder druk en dieselfde met ons.*Dan kan daar meer programmeerders wees om die volume werk te hanteer, want as daar ‘n “wishlist” aangevra word, neem dit lank om te implementeer veral produkte soos die biblioteek.

  • Edupac provides sophisticated software for all aspects of school administration. Their learner information is integrated with the financial software, and the reporting possibilities through their own supplied reports and the ability to export these reports provide huge opportunities. Their head office in Johannesburg has provided very good support on the product for many years.

  • Love Edupac, the product is amazing, the only downside is that you can never talk to Head Office – the receptionist will never put a call through to management.

  • Easy to use, quick to accessGreat support team

  • The products and programs are tailor-made for our school and the helpdesk always respond within reasonable time. We are working with Edupac for 12 years already and at this stage we don’t want to change our administration service providers. We are really satisfied with the performance and service that we receive from them.

  • Edupac is super user-friendly and fully compatible with SA-SAMS. Also, the service at edupac is top notch!

  • We have been suing EDUPAC as our mark/report system for many years and have grown with them from the original DOS version to the current “cloud-based” version. WE LOVE IT!!!!!!! Since converting to the cloud-based version, the entire staff has bought into being able to do their own marks using EDUPAC and our curriculum management has grown better and better. Report time is a pleasure and the help and support received from the EDUPAC staff when we forget what we are supposed to do is patient and kind and caring, and they never make us feel that we are “stupid” for asking the same questions over and over again.

  • EDUPAC Mobi is a great tool and is very easy to use.

  • It is a great product. Excellent service from the staff. All your school management requirements from one company! With 1 or 2 minor adjustments, it will be an excellent product for us!

  • Their product is good. I only deal with them when preparing the reports every term. They always assist.

  • Satisfactory and easy to use.

  • It’s user-friendly and results are perfect.

  • I have had the onerous experience of working with 4 School Management Systems from beginning to end and none were as comprehensive and understanding of the schooling system and its needs as EDUPAC ENTERPRISE EDITION. It fulfils our needs, support is readily available, the client’s voice is important and listened to i.e. an overall pleasant experience. I recommend EDUPAC without reserve.DANIELA BEROWSKYDEPUTY PRINCIPALHEAD: ACADEMICS

  • I like the user-friendly nature of the site. It is great that it is in the cloud and the help desk is fantastic. They go out of their way to trailer make packages for schools. We love Edupac.

  • A user friendly product that allows schools to be administrated in a very effective way. Information is easily accessible and data generated to assist completion of surveys.

  • Edupac is a wonderful system but the response time to queries could be a bit faster

  • I have worked with Edupac for nine years now and not only is their product user friendly, but their staff are wonderful. Great job guys you are the best in every scene.

  • Edupac has supplied School Management Software to John Mitchell Primary School for more than 20 years. Throughout this time all contact between this school and the company has been extremely positive. Service delivery has been of the highest standard and the actual product cannot be surpassed – the software is excellent to say the very least. Professional, friendly and prompt service delivery is synonymous with Edupac.

  • Love the product but very costly.

  • A cutting edge and innovative approach to School Administration. The team is always working on ways to improve the system and their service. The report facility is effective and offers multiple options.

  • While they service us adequately at crucial times they let us down. Because the lack of prompt response they held up the process of reporting back to our parents. the turn around time is too long.

  • Excellent,very user friendly system to work on and the staff and support from the company is great with a fast turnaround time for queries logged.

  • They are very quick to respond to changes required by Government. Only negative thing is they can take a while to answer the phone. Other than that they are great.

  • Service and response time is superb – queries are handled in a friendly and efficient manner. Everybody we deal with is super professional. I thoroughly enjoy this software programme.

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