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Kami is a dynamic digital learning space. It has everything you need for every student to succeed. From PDF annotation to AI-powered assessment, saving teachers heaps of time and delivering accessible learning for all. Kami is trusted by over 40 million teachers and students in over 180 countries worldwide.
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7 Reviews on “Kami”

7 reviews
  • Nicole dos Santos (Head of Innovation, Penryn)

    Kami’s seamless integration with Google Classroom has streamlined our workflows, reducing administrative tasks and enhancing student engagement.
    The interactive features, such as real-time collaboration and annotation tools, have revolutionised our classroom experience. Kami supports differentiated instruction, making it easier to meet the diverse needs of our students. The multimedia capabilities enrich our lessons, and the transition to digital assessments has never been smoother.

  • Genevieve Hardy (IT Manager, Japari School)

    Kami is a game-changer for my classroom! It empowers my pupils with tools like Speech-to-Text and diverse commenting options. Integration with Google Classroom makes everything seamless, and Class View is a revelation. I can see student progress in real-time, offer targeted feedback with comments and stickers, and even pull up relevant YouTube videos and images right within Kami. It’s a massive time-saver and a boost for my pupils engagement!

  • Kirsty Hatfield (EdTech Integrator and Robotics Teacher, Rivonia Primary School)

    I’d like to share our positive experiences with Kami. Its seamless integration and user-friendly interface have greatly enhanced the teaching and learning experience within our school environment. The tools and features provided have proven invaluable in fostering engagement and interactive learning among our students, particularly in Grades 5 to 7.

    Given Kami’s impact on our educational approach, our goal is to seamlessly incorporate Kami into every lesson where feasible, creating a dynamic learning environment that maximises this platform’s potential. We look forward to furthering our partnership with Kami and leveraging its capabilities to enhance the educational experience for our pupils.

  • Kirsty Hatfield (EdTech Integrator & Robotics Teacher, Rivonia Primary School)

    Reflecting on two years of Kami at Rivonia Primary School, our journey has been nothing short of transformative. The platform’s intuitive design and robust features have not only enriched our teaching methodologies but have also sparked a newfound enthusiasm for interactive learning across Grades 5 to 7.

    The recent in-person training led by Frankie Cilliers served as a catalyst, inspiring even more teachers at our school to weave Kami’s capabilities into their daily lesson planning and classroom interactions. This has fostered a vibrant educational atmosphere where technology and pedagogy harmoniously blend to benefit the pupils we teach.

    As we continue to embrace Kami, our ambition is to integrate its tools into every possible aspect of our curriculum. By doing so, we aim to unlock the full spectrum of possibilities that Kami offers, ensuring that our educational environment remains at the forefront of innovation and excellence. Our commitment to this partnership remains steadfast as we anticipate the continued growth and success it will bring to our learners’ educational journey.

  • Jenny Woolway (Deputy principal, Bracken High School)

    Kami: A Game Changer for Admin and Classrooms
    Kami has become an indispensable tool in my day-to-day work as a deputy principal and Life Sciences teacher.

    Smoother Administration:
    As deputy principal, Kami has streamlined administrative tasks like scheduling. The collaborative editing features allow my team to work on documents together, ensuring everyone is on the same page and edits are tracked seamlessly. This makes us incredibly proud of the polished and organized schedules we produce.

    Engaging Learning in Life Sciences:
    When integrated with Google Classroom, Kami transforms my Life Sciences lessons. Students are actively engaged with the material, and I can easily monitor their progress. The real-time insights into who’s on track, who needs help, and where common misconceptions lie allow me to tailor my teaching accordingly.

    A Fun Touch for All Ages:
    Who knew stickers could motivate even Grade 12 students? Kami’s ability to add stickers to assignments adds a touch of fun and personalization that my students love. It’s a small feature that goes a long way in creating a positive learning environment.

    Overall, Kami is a powerful tool that has boosted my efficiency as an administrator and transformed my Life Sciences classroom into a more engaging and interactive space. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to streamline workflows and create a more dynamic learning experience.

  • Marlene Dreyer (Teacher / ICT Manager, Paarl Girls' High School)

    We are incredibly grateful to have discovered the wonderful world of Kami. Our teachers have found it to be truly magical, especially when using it for assessment purposes with learners who require reading accommodations.

  • Alfonzo King (Learning Area Advisor: ICT and C&R, Brackenhurst Primary School)

    Kami has been an exceptional tool which have used for teaching. With over 40 annotation tools to choose from, I only needed but a few to make my Afrikaans lessons easier. Its easy integration meant that learners would have a lifetime access to documents to used for teaching for as long as they’ve been given access. Furthermore, it’s integration with various LMSs make the teaching even easier! I for one cannot wait for their rollout of their AI which I think will make teaching even more fun, less strenuous and more impactful.

    Thank you Kami for all the Kami Magic!

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Head of Business Development for EMEA & APAC

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