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Code4Kids is the easiest way to upskill your teachers and implement a complete coding, robotics, and IT curriculum in your classroom for ages 8-15 using real-world tools and content.
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8 Reviews on “Code4Kids”

8 reviews
  • Code4kids really is the easiest way to bring coding and robotics into the classroom.

    It was so seamless to implement the Code4Kids coding platform, and all the teachers have felt supported by the team since we started our coding journey with Code4kids.

  • We met Matthew and his team at the Sandton Convention Center last year. Since then, we have built an excellent relationship with them, and haven’t looked back. Our students are loving the interactive coding lessons that update live as they code. The type of feedback they get from these CAPS aligned lessons is immeasurable, and it can be seen on their faces as they discuss and search for the answers. As a teacher, I explain the concepts and they do the work at their own pace. The high-quality ready-made lessons from Code4Kids are hands-on and interesting. They are structured in such a way that the kids don’t only learn to code, but integrate into the other subjects as well. One of the most important things about Code4Kids is the feedback and outstanding support one gets from them. It has been an incredible journey so far for me and my students. I can’t wait for our next adventures in coding. Great job and thank you to Matthew and his team at Code4Kids.

  • We have been using Code4Kids for 6 months now, and it has made a big difference in our IT lessons. Children get to learn actual coding, while doing projects they would have had to do anyway in one of their content subjects. We love that the lessons are CAPS aligned, and that the children can more or less work at their own pace. There are teacher videos for each lesson, which explain all concepts so that even teachers who don’t know any code will know how to do and teach each lesson. The instant gratification of seeing code coming to life as they work is very motivating for the children.

  • Code4Kids surprised me with an easy to understand interface and their strive to create an awesome programming experience for children.

  • We started using this program this year with the Grade 6s. They are loving the activities and learning so much as they complete them. I feel empowered as I am learning with them. The teacher instructional videos are really helpful and support from Annabelle is quick. We are using some of the built-in projects for cross-curricular collaboration with other subjects and this is working well.

  • Code4Kids is a brilliant solution for teachers. Students and teachers are guided through well-constructed tutorials. The set-up gives a real-life feel as you can see what happens to your page as you code. The staff of Code4kids are lovely and always helpful and respond to calls for help quickly. There is great follow-up service. Highly recommended.

  • Code4Kids has guided us with passion as we embarked through this journey of coding. Making it relevant and applicable to our learners. Our students have created websites on South Africa, the solar system, famous women in history and even projects on a school sports team or club and society. They are able to work at their own pace and expand their knowledge on computational thinking to developing more programmatic skills with the JavaScript and Robotics courses. They have also continued work on their core ICT skills. Learners are taught how to use tools like Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets effectively and to save time, but they have also been working on how to organise and represent data to be easily understood. We have greatly benefited from their expertise, knowledge and passion within our school.

  • The quality and relevance of the lessons are excellent. Our learners enjoy it thoroughly and the relevance of the content not only teaches coding but History and the like, which makes it fun. We would highly recommend this to any school.

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